Process & Quality

Organizations often rely on their perception of what the correct process should be and fail to consider from their customer’s perspectives.

Answering the following helps uncover truths about process & quality within an organization:

  • Why are your customer’s calling you?
  • Are you on the “Top 10 Global Best Companies to Work For?”
  • Are all your projects rolled out meeting all project milestones on target and within budget?
  • Does everybody in your organization know where they fit in the value chain of your company?
  • Do you go the extra mile to help with solving a customer or colleague’s issue?

What we call “art” is often described as “judgment-based work,” “craft work,” or “professional work.” The common thread in such work is variability in the process, its inputs, and its outputs. Art is needed in changeable environments (for example, when raw materials aren’t uniform and therefore require a craftsmen’s adjustments) and when customers value distinctive or unique output (in other words, all customers don’t want the product or service to perform or be performed the same way). If both of those conditions aren’t present, a mass or mass-customization process, not an artistic process, is the answer. If a firm is operating in a highly variable environment and produces variations in products or services that customers do not value, chances are it has nascent or broken processes. In those instances, a firm needs to learn how to bring the environment under control. We believe the answers present an image with roots that lie within the organization’s DNA. The organization’s DNA is comprised of processes, people and network which ultimately determine the quality of the products and services that give you an edge over your competitors in your customers’ eyes.

AppliedTechonomics helps our customers drill into the root-causes of failure within every process and raise it to a best of world-class quality level by implementing corrective action within a specified timeframe to enact sustainable change.

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