Treasury Management

Treasury and finance groups are in a state of rapid transformation.

New technologies, shifts in the economic environment, additional accounting and regulatory burdens such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Sarbanes-Oxley, new best practice processes including bank communication globalization involving the SWIFT network and domestic clearinghouses are all setting the pace of change in the treasury marketplace. Treasurers and CFOs are anxious to find ways of reducing operational costs while increasing payment security and transactional visibility. We see more and more corporate treasuries developing a leadership role within their organization, coordinating and animating the group treasury community, deploying global treasury platforms to reduce risk and improve overall effectiveness.

AppliedTechonomics delivers innovative solutions to transform your organization’s treasury and finance functions. Our best practices in treasury management will enable you on your journey to achieve an optimal-performance business. Our experienced professionals can assist you across the full suite of your treasury functions including:

  • Organization Design
  • Banking Operations
  • Cash and Working Capital optimization
  • Cash Pooling
  • Bank Communications
  • Treasury Management System selection and implementation (covering the front, middle, and back office processes)
  • Risk Management optimization

Through various experiences with treasury system assessment, selection and implementation projects, AppliedTechonomics has a deep understanding of the different capabilities including their strengths and weaknesses in the market.

Leveraging our work at very large corporations, AppliedTechonomics helps clients benchmark their organization and processes, and implement leading practices in the treasury area.

AppliedTechonomics offers services including:


  • Defining best practice treasury organization.
  • Defining centralized/decentralized treasury operations.


  • Banking Operations:
    • RFP for bank selection
    • Reducing bank partners and bank accounts
  • Cash Position and Forecasting:
    • Providing accurate cash position
    • Implementing cash forecasting information
  • Bank Communications:
    • Centralizing bank communications within a group platform
    • Implementing payment factory
  • Cash Pooling:
    • Implementing cash pooling or concentration structures for intra/inter country
    • In-House Banking/Payment Factory
    • Implementing in-house bank and payment factory to internally process bank-like services (e.g., internal and external payments)


  • RFP for system selection.
  • Implementing systems to cover cash management, risk management, portfolio management, accounting and bank communications.


  • Providing company-wide Financial Risk Management and Risk Management Tools (e.g., MTM, VaR, Scenario, Sensitivity).


  • Providing integrated portfolio management solutions.

AppliedTechonomics domain experts have successfully supported large corporate treasuries in their transformation agenda at a global scale at different stages, from assessment to implementation. We have developed a large pool of functional expertise with a deep knowledge of treasury processes and software solutions. Our treasury resources cover the whole scope from cash management to “front-to-back” office operations.

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