Platform Architecture

AppliedTechonomics is experienced with the implementation of Service Oriented Architectures. In relation to Cash Management and ERP systems, AppliedTechonomics has deep functional experience across the core suite of Treasury Management functions.

We possess practical experience around architecture design with back-office expertise in areas such as Payments (electronic, plastic and paper), Collections, Information Reporting, Accounts, Financial Supply Chain and Trade, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Reporting, etc., to provide a thorough and balanced approach to the challenges ahead. Over the course of similar architecture design and implementation engagements, we have learned a number of lessons and captured this information in our global corporate knowledge base. AppliedTechonomics believes that these lessons constitute a set of Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) for the implementation of architecture projects.

AppliedTechonomics’ accelerated delivery methodologies help clients define the vision, principles, standards and roadmaps that guide the prioritization, operations and management of technologies supporting the business.

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