Program & Project Management

AppliedTechonomics’ frameworks and methodologies are the filtration of decades of multiregional and multidisciplinary projects delivering business benefits to organizations.

For decades, AppliedTechonomics has been building up methodological expertise. The AppliedTechonomics program and project management methods represent our collective wisdom, and is based on the fact that repeatable and well-defined techniques improve business performance. Our planning techniques surpass industry standards for delivering complex business services to and from multiple sites. 

We do this by playing a vital role in ensuring that client teams have the required understanding and tool-kits for working well together.

All of the AppliedTechonomics program and project delivery techniques are built on industry-standard terminology and provide proven project management approaches that help clients meet Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 and International Standard Organization (ISO) 9000 requirements. In addition, these methods include robust estimators that drive accuracy in pricing and timing for all of our projects. AppliedTechonomics prides itself on never missing a milestone and always delivering within budget. 

AppliedTechonomics’ accelerated delivery methodologies help clients plan, mobilize and manage a program and related projects at either a client site or remotely.

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